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Djerdap National Park is located in the southeastern part of Europe, and northeastern part of Serbia, on the very border with Romania. Along the right river bank of the Danube River starting from the Golubac ancient city all the way to Diana at Karatas, stretching across approximately 100 km, Djerdap National Park covers a narrow and forested 2-8 km wide highland girdle reaching from 50 m up to 800 m in height. The park area is situated between 44042`- 44024` of northern latitude and 22033`-21040` of eastern latitude. Access to Djerdap NP is possible from three directions: by Djerdap highway from Belgrade direction, by Djerdap highway from Kladovo direction and from the direction of Nis, across Zajecar, Bor and ‘Miloševa kula’ by using the regional road. Djerdap National Park has three main entrances, teo of them are from the Djerdap highway at the Golubac ancient city and Diana at Karatas, and one is from the regional road ‘Porečki most – Klokočevac’. Djerdap NP is open for visitors throughout the year, and it is possible to visit it by sailing across the Danube, by using the Djerdap highway, cycling and walking trails with respecting the Rulebook on internal order and rules of conduct in protected areas. Your Djerdap adventure starts in Donji Milanovac, in the I 14 а, Kralja Petra St., in the administrative building of the PE “Djerdap National Park“ where you are welcomed by professional guides ready to introduce you with the beauties of Djerdap.


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