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Diana at Karatas

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One of the largest and best preserved castra (forts) on the Danube, Diana was built of ashlar, most likely between 100 and 101 AD, during the reign of Emperor Trajan, at the same time when a canal was constructed ensuring safer navigation on the Danube. At the time, Diana was the key fortification on the Upper Moeasian limes. Located on a strategic spot, it had a standing military troop tasked with guarding the border and securing the downstream entrance to the canal.

Diana is a rectangular castrum, 100 by 200 meters, with recessed towers in the ramparts. Its final form was accomplished in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries with the addition of a rampart with protruding towers stretching towards the Danube, closing off and protecting a section of the bank. In mid-5th century the Roman castrum was ravaged by the Huns, and later rebuilt by Emperor Justinian around 530 AD. Apart from the ruins of the rampart with its gates and towers, the interior of the fortress revealed military barracks and other facilities, while beyond the rampart, remains of a smaller settlement were unearthed, along with a shrine and a necropolis. Marble and bronze sculptures and various everyday items discovered in Diana indicate that in addition to being a crucial Roman fortification, the castle was also a major economic centre and port.

Диана Караташ / Diana at Karatas

Диана Караташ / Diana at Karatas


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